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Automated Trading - Like Never Before

VTL is a powerful and versatile programming language for traders. The language provides the framework required to build sophisticated trading programs as Expert Advisers (EA), Auto Traders, Robots, Alerts and Custom Indicators.

With hundreds of plugins, vStore is the ideal environment to distribute plugins/apps to the VertexFX network.

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An Amazing Platform

Listening to our customers has always been central to our business. That is why we developed a closed-loop solution environment that's suitable for every business enabling you to perform every strategy that fulfills all your requirements.

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Trade Anywhere and at Anytime

Don't miss a chance! VertexFX made it easier for traders to keep track on the market with a variety of trading terminals

Try VertexFX Trader on Windows OS, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and on the web using the Web Trader

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Trade With No Limits with VTL

VTL is a powerful and versatile programming language for traders. The language provides the framework required to build sophisticated trading programs as Expert Advisers (EA), Auto Traders, Robots, Alerts and Custom Indicators.

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Auto Clearing Bridge

Risk grows whenever the business grows. VertexFX Risk Management Bridge helps your business reach the high stakes with no or less risk.

Discover the powerful options VertexFX Risk Management Bridge provides and what clearing strategies you can do with VertexFX Bridge Language (VBL).

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Techno World Markets - CEO

The service is excellent and the personnel assigned to us for support and sale tasks are great and efficient . Every request is entertained as per viablity and in a reasonable timeframe. Very responsive team and easy company to work with. Team techno World Markets Ltd enjoy the partnership with Hybrid Solutions 

Global LFX - Director

The Best ever and client most favorite Trading Platform

CEO - Pluginsky Technologies
Hybrid Solutions have been professional in dealing with us. They supported us professionally each time we requested for assistance. We look forward in seeing our mutual business expanding with them in the future.
Founder & CEO - Optimized Sense

Your professional staff are very helpful, and knowing that whenever we call we will get an answer is a great pleasure. Appreciate your continuous support throughout our business trip.

CEO - BBCorp

We've been in the industry for along time. Hybrid Solutions walked through the years with us. VertexFX was, and always will be the way for our business success. Hybrid Solutions offer friendly and reliable service to introduce the latest technologies in this industry. VertexFX Trader is a very secure and a fast platform in all of its components and features that made our minds go with it without a second thought.

Business Manager - Abshire-Smith
The VertexFX trading platform is an integral part of the Abshire-Smith's offering to our clients. Abshire-Smith is authorised an regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the VertexFX trading suite provides us with a front-to-back solution as a broker and for our global client base of traders. Hybrid Solutions has developed a robust and secure trading platform with a focus on the end-user. The continuous improvement and development of the trading suite, along with premier customer service is the primary reason Abshire-Smith partner with Hybrid Solutions

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VertexFX Account Charger
VertexFX Account Charger
Description: In our pursuit of automating your VertexFX business, we dedicated our work lately in developing the VertexFX Account Charger. Finally, from now ...
VertexFX to CQG Bridge
VertexFX to CQG Bridge
Description: Optimized Sense Ltd provides a reliable and robust VertexFX Bridge to CQG liquidity and execution venue. VertexFX Bridge is a ready stand-alone a ...
Forex Fraus Slogger
Forex Fraus Slogger
Description: Forex Fraus Slogger Expert Advisor is a reversal-based VertexFX client-side script that identifies reversal trades using the Envelopes Bands in ...

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VertexFX Margin Call
VertexFX Margin Call
Description: *We have reviewed our prices for the next two months. Take the opportunity and get our plugins in a very competative price, before they back agai ...
VertexFX Bridge
VertexFX Bridge
Description: VertexFX Risk Management Bridge is a back end software used to connect your VertexFX system to another one for clearing and risk management purpo ...
Butterworth 2 Pole
Butterworth 2 Pole
Description: The Two Pole Butterworth filter is a VertexFX Indicator which uses smoothing method termed as low-pass filters to reduce the lag between the cu ...

Featured Plugins

Variable Moving Average
Variable Moving Average
Description: Variable Moving Average is a powerful VertexFX client side VTL indicator derived from the family of Adaptive / Dynamic Moving Averages which pr ...
Yang Trader
Yang Trader
Description: Yang Trader is a VertexFX client side VTL trend direction indicator. It is based on 2 Moving Averages (MAs), these moving average lines, are li ...
TRIX Candle
TRIX Candle
Description: TRIX Candle indicator is a powerful VertexFX client-side indicator script that is useful in identifying the direction, strength and the cyclica ...

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Established in 2002, Hybrid Solutions provides FOREX Online Trading Platform. Hybrid Solutions has adopted the latest technologies and international standards to develop its Online Trading Platform, VertexFX.

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