Granting Introducing Brokers management capabilities on their accounts tree is very sophisticated and flexible feature in VertexFX Trader. Within some cases, and according to the volume of this IB, he may deserve to have certain access to the BackOffice system within certain advanced monitoring and reporting privileges.

Some IB’s are only managing their accounts trades only, but many others are more than that. They may need to monitor the exposure for their accounts, generate advanced reports or may need to do some advanced management like changing parameters or perform money transactions in case they have a White Label and work in a Market Making Model.

VertexFX Trader have the solution for this issue, with the VertexFX Multileveled backoffice management, IB’s can have a dealing room backoffice manager, but work with only what they are authorized to do, without violating the security of the system at all, as they would have a limited backoffice with privileges whether being reporting only (IB) or advanced management (White Label).

With the VertexFX system security part and the unlimited number of users for the BackOffice, also with the multi leveled accounts tree, you can now build a dealer for your IB, connecting it to the accounts that he manages only, and giving him the privileges that he needs to do only.

Deliver to him the BackOffice link and give him the login now considering that he is working over his account tree only, and nothing more, making the transactions and the procedures that you assign to him the ability to do, choose what you require from a list of over 85 privileges to be granted for him, what can he do, and what he cannot, give him also tree privileges to the accounts that he moderates also.

Go to Dealers tree from navigator window, and right click on node that you want to add dealer under it, give him a username and password, and grant him privileges on the tree node that he is allowed to moderate the area under it.

Right click on it, select edit parameters,go to privileges tab select from more than 85 privilege, what do you see the best to give him, maybe only the list of reporting privileges, and some other transaction controls, knowing here that he can only get the information for the accounts that he owns only, and nothing about any other account that is not available at his accounts tree, so your general information is still private and classified.

Maybe you have a large number of advanced IBs; you can make a group of privileges also, name it (Adv IB) for example, grant to it all the privileges you want to grant for the IBs, and whenever you have a new IB, you want to create a dealer for, just check this group for him, and he will be granted all privileges inside it directly.

With VertexFX multi-level management, IB concept was changed, and it’s now different than ever before. Try it now to your IBs or white labels.

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