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VertexFX Unified Backoffice

Unified Backoffice Plugin allows dealing rooms with Multi-Backoffice Infrastructure environment, (on multiple servers) to unify their managerial reports, transactions logs, online sessions and floating status.

The above mentioned administrative actions through this plugin will give you the ability to generate/observe them separately according to the Dealers' Information.

This plugin is recommended when a dealing room has more than one server, in the traditional structure dealing room has to login separately on each server and generate its reports one by one.

This plugin saves time and efforts, and give you the ability to generate customized reports such as:

  • Account status report.
  • Account information reports.
  • Maintenance margin call report.
  • Market order history report.
  • Money transaction report.
  • Positions report (net open positions report).
  • Pending orders reports.
  • SMS report.
  • Net trading –Symbols.
  • Transaction log report.

Let's begin unifying your Backoffices!

First, when you get to open the plugin for the first time you will see this window as follows.


After that you will need to Add Dealer for Backoffices by performing a Right click on the Dealer List then clicking on Add dealer.


You will witness another 3 options (Remove All, Login All, Disconnect All), to disconnect, login or remove all dealers from the dealer’s list.

Second, filling the information for dealers as following:



Third, after filling the information as shown in the above image click on Add.

When you finish adding the dealers, you will see the added dealers in the dealer’s list.


After you connect either automatically or manually and the status is turned to “Connected” if you perform a right-click on any dealer you will see new options available.


To show or hide the panels (information) for a certain dealer, when you see the checkbox sign, this means the wanted panel will show information for this particular dealer.

Last but not least

Windows tab to show or hide the whole Windows/Panels and to reset the interface to show the default appearance of your application.



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