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VertexFX Dedicated Server is available in 4 main plans (SE1, SE2, EE and EE+) to suit a range of business sizes. For example, smaller companies can start with our entry-level plan and easily upgrade as they grow.

Enterprise Edition

EE Plus

Standard Edition 2

Standard Edition 1

White Label Plan

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VertexFX Dedicated Server is available in 4 main plans (SE1, SE2, EE and EE+) to suit a range of business sizes. For example, smaller companies can start with our entry-level plan and easily upgrade as they grow.

All plans have the same system functionality: the main difference between them is the application server capacity for realtime online users.

Our new EE+ plan brings together the best VertexFX Plugins for the best VertexFX experience.

In addition to this, VertexFX can be implemented as a subsystem shared hosting (White Label) available from any VertexFX Trader customer or White Label Provider. This plan has a functional limitation. 


Take a look at our plans in the overview table below.

VertexFX 10 Sales Packages






White Label

Suitable For Banks, Exchanges & LPs Large Brokers Medium Brokers Small Brokers Very Small Brokers
 Online Users Unlimited Online Users  Unlimited Online Users 200 Online Users  100 Online Users 50 Online Users
 Desktop Client Station
 Backoffice LIMITED
 API Kit
Bridge & Smart Dealer System
 Web Ticker
 VTL Server
SMS Central
 Web Trader Upon WL Provider
Application Server
 Dedicated Server
Upgradable  Top Limit
Integrations Included
Binary Options Additional Cost Additional Cost Upon WL Provider
Physical Trading

Additional Cost Additional Cost Upon WL Provider
VertexFX Payment Gateway

Monthly Fees Not Included
(3 Month Free)

Monthly Fees Not Included
(3 Month Free)

Additional Cost Additional Cost Upon WL Provider
Mobile Trader (iOS, Android, Windows)
Monthly Fees Not Included
(3 Month Free)

Monthly Fees Not Included
(3 Month Free)
Additional Cost Additional Cost Upon WL Provider
Website Hosting & Development  Free with 1 year hosting Free with 1 year hosting Additional Cost Additional Cost Additional Cost
 Agreement Model  Ownership Ownership Ownership Ownership Leasing
 Installments  5 Installments  4 Installments  3 Installments  2 Installments  Upon WL Provider
 Free Services Period  3 Months 3 Months 2 Months 1 Month Upon WL Provider
 Plan Price $180,000+ $99,000 $49,000 $39,000 $5000
Monthly Fees $2000 $2000 $1500 $1500 $700
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Monthly Fees are for (Dedicated Server for (SE1, SE2, EE and EE+ plans), Technical Support, System Updates and Online News services)

Terms and Conditions

Please take a look at our terms and conditions so you know what to expect from working with us.

Terms and Conditions

Definitions: Contact us for further technical or financial information.

  • Concurrent users: number of users logging onto the system at any one time, whether they are traders, offices or dealers. Each trader, office or dealer is counted as one user.
  • Dedicated Server: a system installed separately on a standalone server(s). There is no dependency on any other servers or modules. Dedication means in the feed, charts, WAP, WEB, database and monitoring application servers.
  • Upgradeable: you only pay the difference between the plan you already use and the one you are upgrading to.

System Requirements

In order to run VertexFX Trader, there are some system requirements you can find them here.

System Limitations

The dedicated VertexFX systems have no limitations, however, there are some with the White Label package. You can learn more here. Check the table of contents to find out the difference between a White Label and a Dedicated system.

System Deliverables

Once you’ve bought one of our plans, you’ll receive the following:

  • Backoffice System: the management and dealing system. It’s flexible and easy to customise the wide range of system privileges. It allows you to create different dealer levels according to your business needs, for example: managers, moderators, dealers, chief dealers or customisable authority.
  • Client System: distributed from you to your clients, brokers or IBs once you’ve created a configuration for them in the backoffice. You can create offices and sub-offices in a multi-level arrangement and add clients under the appropriate level. You can define a username and password for each client to give them access the relevant level.
  • e-Broker terminal for multi account trading. Read more here.
  • System API kit, including Client API, Back Office API, and Currency Server API. Read more here.
  • WEB Based Market Watch.
  • Server application: the server side system, which handles your transactions. It contains a data feed for the system, which you can use as part of the system, or as a backup for your primary feed. Server application includes:
    1. Gateway Server Application.
    2. Currency Server: (DDE based) connected to the client DDE feed provider.
    3. History Server: which handles history data.
    4. Order Manager: which manages limit/stop orders and account liquidations ..etc
    5. XML Server: for mobile trader and web trader.
    6. SMS Central (Server): Manages SMS broadcasting.
  • Click here to see Sub-System (White Label) limitations and deliverables.

VertexFX Monthly Services

With the monthly services you subscribe to, did you know that:

  • Over 50 VertexFX Technicians work 24/6 to make sure you experience the best technical support possible.
  • The 100 thousand-plus dedicated servers in our data centre make sure you are operational 24/7.
  • Hundreds of developers work hard to continually improve the system using your feedback. The updates are released by our system updates service.
  • Our team of technical analysts scrutinise the market to publish breaking news via our online news service.

VertexFX Value Added Services

  • VertexFX Web Trader is a machine-independent trading terminal. It’s completely web-enabled and fully tested on all traditional web browsers. It offers smooth online market movement, real-time market order placement, and has the same security as the Windows based system. Learn more
  • SMS makes things much easier for both traders and the dealing room. It can also be used for marketing and to make fast announcements.
Web Trader 10,000 SMS Credit 100,000 SMS Credit
$5000 $750 $6500
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